Orthodontics Accidents – How To Handle Small Orthodontic Mishaps

Your entire orthodontics treatment relies on various appliances and techniques that will help correctly align teeth and provide that healthy beautiful smile you’re after. Still, when so many things are involved in this, sometimes, it can go wrong. From wires poking your teeth to brackets becoming loose, you’re likely to face small “accidents” in your

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Trust Your Orthodontist

I have started my orthodontics treatment 1 year ago. A complex case, with a lot of work to be done to get a decent bite and some well-aligned teeth. I had severe crowding, a canine that was too high and almost over the near incisor, a bicuspid in front of the other (even my doc

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Elastic Ligatures Colors

Another searched phrase we found that leads visitors to our site is “elastic ligatures colors”. We are talking here about the elastic ligatures that are worn on the regular metal braces and some ceramics. The self-ligating braces don’t have these anymore. The colors may vary: some use bright colors to make their metal-mouth look a

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