I am 30 years old. Can I have invisible aligners?

Dear visitor. I assume you are talking about: Invisalign – the invisible braces.

The fast answer is: YES. You can have Invisalign just like anyone else if you qualify for the treatment. I am almost 30 myself so it’s not such a huge deal. As I have explained some days ago, you can have excellent results with orthodontic treatment as an adult too.

Am I too old for braces?

This is one of the most searched for phrases on the web and the good thing is that the answer (as you can read in the article too) is NO. You are not too old for braces.

Let’s get back to Invisalign and your age. As I already mentioned, age is not the problem here. First, you have to “qualify”. Don’t think about winning a contest or anything like this. In some cases, Invisalign, even if it would eventually work, it does require such a long time, that it’s better to use another system (for fast results in complex cases Damon is one of the best choices).

I used Damon at first since my personal case didn’t make me a good candidate for Invisalign. I had a canine “sticking out” almost over the near incisor, the 2 upper left bicuspids one in front of the other (don’t ask me how this was possible, I seem to be a “miracle”), missing molars and other “nice” problems. Damon worked for 7 months on the lateral teeth to reduce the gap created by the missing molars, to bring the incisor back to its place and pull it back on the arch, rotate the bicuspids, etc.

Invisalign was my final choice for the treatment (with the front teeth too) since I am 30 too and can’t sport a metal mouth look, especially with my web design clients. I would ruin my business since some people are still reluctant to see people in braces.

I didn’t stand a chance to correct those huge problems directly with Invisalign, so we needed the metal braces and now we can fix the rest of the teeth. This is what “to qualify” for Invisalign means.

Only you and your orthodontist can see if Invisalign is a good idea. If you are 30 (or even over) and would like to have Invisalign please don’t forget:

  • get an orthodontist who is accredited in Invisalign. Not all of them can use the system, make sure your doctor has the certification
  • prepare with money. Invisalign is one of the most expensive treatments. The cost varies (depending on the number of trays, the complexity of the case, etc.), but it’s not cheap at all.
  • your orthodontist will be able to tell you for sure if you can use the Invisalign system. If your case is way too tricky, you’ll be presented with another option that would work better.