Invisalign – Loose Teeth?

One of our visitors was looking for this information and we thought it would be a good idea for a topic too. It is clear that he/she is currently under Invisalign treatment and the teeth are not as “tough” as they normally are. Our reader is scared about them being loose.

DON’T BE! It’s normal.

The entire orthodontics treatment is based on the ability of our teeth to move to a new position and to rotate. On a regular basis, our teeth are strong and very well “welded” into their places. Their movement, in this case, would be impossible without them breaking or messing the jaw bone too.

This is why we should admire our body’s way to react to the small but constant forces the orthodontics devices place on the teeth: out teeth when under such constant pressure, start being loose in their “sockets” and then they can be moved and rotated till the orthodontics treatment is getting the desired result.

Invisalign, such as any other system, has the ability to move these teeth. After some weeks in the treatment, you’ll already notice your teeth seem to “fall off” from all their mobility. Don’t be scared, they are still well placed there, you won’t lose them, even if you feel 10 years old again.

With the metal braces the movement can be spotted even earlier, but Invisalign, such as all the other systems, also relies on the same thing: our teeth’ ability to be “mobile”.

So .. if you’re wearing Invisalign and the teeth are loose, be happy. It looks like the treatment is working nicely and your teeth will be OK. It’s NORMAL!