First 2 Days with Invisalign

This was the phrase one of our visitors searched and got to our site. Since I also have Invisalign I can at least offer some information about how the first days in the system are. If you are not yet accustomed to the name and the type of orthodontic treatment Invisalign is, here is the article that will explain everything: Invisalign – the invisible braces

Now, since we’ve done all the reading, let’s discuss how Invisalign FEELS for a new patient. In my case, the treatment came after 7 months of metal braces (Damon) so I can also make a personal comparison. I say personally since, in the end, we all react differently to the treatment.

After I got the aligners at the clinic, I had to adjust to this and the attachments too. I had 3 attachments placed on 1 upper bicuspid and the 2 canines. They are not too big, but for a brand new set of aligners, it does make taking them out more tricky. I was “fortunate” enough to wear a retainer at night that looked like the Invisalign aligners. I wore it for 2 months (the time between Damon and the arrival of the Invisalign trays). So .. I was already pretty skilled.

I showed my doctors right there and then I can manage this and get home.

With a nice lisp.

I started trying to talk and adjust my diction to the plastic in my mouth (took a few days though). In my case, perfect diction is mandatory since I am a radio DJ. Still, as I mentioned before in one of these articles, I was able to do my show with the Invisalign with no big problems. So that lisp is not too serious either.

It was Sunday and I waited for the pain to kick in. When I had Damon braces, the first 3 days were a nightmare. I couldn’t close my mouth (touching the teeth was painful) and couldn’t eat anything but very soft foods. Sure, the metal braces are stronger and it showed. Invisalign proved more “nice” to me so that pain didn’t appear. I had a toothache though: one of the incisors hurt, but not that much. I was able to eat normally and without pain.

The only thing that wasn’t too pleasing was the salivation. God, I was just like my dogs .. drooling all over the place (well, I am kidding, but still my mouth wasn’t used to having those foreign objects in, so my reflex was to salivate a lot). This made my mouth dry and I had to drink plenty of water and still, I couldn’t escape that “sand in my mouth” feeling. Again, it wasn’t too serious, and a good reason for some nasty jokes from my boyfriend who was pretty amused with this all.

Another thing I could mention was the fact I had slight problems with removing the aligners. Well, SLIGHT. I was able in a few minutes to come up with a strategy that would allow me to take them out faster. I always start from the lateral teeth (molars) and on the side, I don’t have attachments on the last tooth.

This way I can “shift” the tray just a little so that it doesn’t stay on the teeth in that part. I then slightly lift the aligner with my nails (memo to self: NEVER cut them too short, it’s a pain using them as a tool) on the teeth that also have attachments. When I start with the last teeth I start with my mouth open and my fingers “working” from the inside (lingual side). Then, the small lifting is done from the vestibular area (front side of the teeth) and I also close the mouth a bit (since I don’t have to put my fingers in it). I then go to the front teeth while still shifting the tray and finish with the other side.

In my case, the starting side is the left one (I have fewer attachments there) and then I proceed to the right one. I know this might sound “yucky”, but most people have big problems with taking out the aligners and maybe these ideas might help you too.

So, to cut the huge story short, here is some “fast info” about my first 2 days with Invisalign:

  • small issues with taking out the aligners. Solved after 2-3 tries. Then it was VERY easy. Same with fitting them back into the mouth
  • slight pressure on the teeth and one tooth that was aching. Nothing too serious though, nothing compared to the pain I had with Damon
  • I talked funny. A slight lisp that still made it possible for me to do my radio show.
  • increased salivation. I drank some more water and it solved.
  • a tad unpleasant to have to take the aligners out, brush and put them back. I had to start being even more careful with my oral hygiene, but again, it was solved. I got used to it.
  • no serious discomfort or pain. I adjusted easily to the treatment and had no issues. It is very easy as compared to others.