How can I make my teeth stronger so I don’t have to wear a retainer for too long?

The retainers are the orthodontic devices we use in order to keep the teeth in the new place they are. Many patients think that braces are all it takes for a perfect smile and hearing they have to wear a retainer for months/some years is getting them almost depressed.

When we end our orthodontics treatment we get the teeth into the position and alignment perfect for a healthy bite and even a beautiful smile. But they still tend to go “back” and this happens most of the cases if a retainer is not worn properly. This is why wearing the retainer is as important as keeping those braces or Invisalign trays into place. It helps the teeth “learn” the new correct place and makes the treatment a success.

Our reader wanted to know if there are any ways he/she can renounce the retainer by getting his/her teeth stronger. Well, the problem is not about your teeth’ strength, but the jawbones and gums since they “house” your teeth.

You will wear your retainer as long as needed. In some cases, it’s just a few months (for a less complex case) or maybe some more months or even a few years. In such cases, there was a very complex orthodontic case and this is needed to “secure” that wonderful result you had.

By definition, the retainers are not as “tough” to wear as the normal braces and in many cases, it’s just an overnight thing. I wore a retainer for 2 months (one that looked like the Invisalign trays) when waiting for my Invisalign. I had to wear it just at night and it wasn’t that hard at all. I got used to it and didn’t mind it as much as I anticipated before.

If you “survived” all the braces treatment stages I can’t believe you can’t make it with the retainer. It’s a simple device to be worn, in some cases (if bonded) it’s just a small “wire” glued to the back of your teeth. You won’t even notice it. If it’s a mobile device (the one to be taken off and then placed again), even if a tad tricky (since you have to take care of it too), it’s still something you will be able to manage.

Just think that by wearing your retainer you’ll have that wonderful smile forever. You’ve been through many things, sure you’ll make it