Elastic Ligatures Colors

Another searched phrase we found that leads visitors to our site is “elastic ligatures colors”.

We are talking here about the elastic ligatures that are worn on the regular metal braces and some ceramics. The self-ligating braces don’t have these anymore.

The colors may vary: some use bright colors to make their metal-mouth look a bit funnier, while others try to use a color that would make them “blend” better. I have seen examples of people who have more colors on the ligatures and they alternate them. It’s an excellent way to take the treatment in a more relaxed manner while also having a cute look. And no, not only teen-agers do this.

For the people considering very light colors, please note that sometimes the ligatures will stain. The brackets are OK, but the nasty look you see on the braces comes from the stains on the ligatures: smoking, curry, coke and other “ingredients” can ruin the look.

The positive aspect is the ligatures get changed from time to time (4-6 weeks), but still, they don’t look good when the change time comes. You can avoid the stains by:

  1. avoiding the things that would stain them (kinda hard sometimes)
  2. choosing a light blue or a smoke shade, even if you don’t like the idea. They stain less than others.
  3. use bright color (the stains are not that visible and the colors make the braces look cute)

You can choose your colors and even create “themes”. Just see what your orthodontist can offer and go wild with the ligature colors.