Will braces fix my ugly teeth?

The orthodontic treatment is started because of our misalignments and malocclusions. The teeth are not straight and this can cause problems when it comes to oral hygiene and also the bite. Some patients also face pain in the jaws, others don’t have this problem, but still consider their teeth to be ugly.

The “ugly” teeth can be caused by many possible problems:

  • imperfect tooth shape. They are either too bit or too small, showing too much gum or too little and this might offer a look you are not pleased with
  • there might be cavity problems, tooth colorations and other issues that need the dentist’s attention
  • the teeth are not aligned as they should and this causes that “ugly” look.

As you can see here, there are more possible issues you might face and more causes for your imperfect smile. Orthodontics takes care of your tooth alignment and bite, the others (if they are to be blamed too) will be fixed to provide you the look you want.

Even if we think that orthodontics is meant for beauty (and this is the idea we get from all those perfect smile advertisements), in the end this is a “side” result of the teeth being aligned in a healthy way. Your orthodontist is concerned with your crooked teeth since this is a health problem, but the result is a very good looking one.

So .. yeah, orthodontics and braces if you will can fix your ugly teeth. Any system you’ll use (you already have the information here about all kinds of braces and aligners) will straighten your teeth and give you that perfect smile. And, if needed, the other issues will be taken care of (if the “ugly” teeth weren’t only caused by the orthodontic treatment).

The dental care and cosmetics area is so well developed now, that you’ll always achieve excellent results.