5 reasons for an EARLY orthodontics treatment start

I’ve started my orthodontic treatment when I was 28. Back when I was a kid, orthodontics wasn’t so “famous” in Romania, not to mention my folks would have never had the money to pay for this. So, I had to go almost 3 decades with some seriously crowded teeth and many orthodontic problems. Of course, when I’ll have kids, you can image I’ll do anything to make sure they don’t go into adulthood with these problems. Here are 5 reasons why I believe having the teeth straightened as soon as possible is better than having to do this while you’re an adult:

The treatment for a kid/teenager is easier than for an adult.

Let’s say that, after 7 years of age, I can start seeing if there’s something wrong with my kid. If his orthodontist can get his “hands” on the situation, while the teeth are still erupting and my kid’s jaw bone is not “final”, the entire treatment shouldn’t be as complex as mine for instance (I had braces, Herbst to bring my lower jaw in front, 4 extractions to make room for my huge teeth etc.)

Less complex treatment means fewer expenses

For a long and complex treatment such as mine is, the price tag is pretty big. If the treatment started early, with fewer complications and things to solve, it would also mean fewer interventions and of course less money.

From a social point of view, kids have it easier.

Let’s say that it’s normal to see teenagers with braces. Some consider that age as the “age for braces”, since most parents work on their kid\’s teeth in that period. When half your classmates have braces, for a teenager that’s not a huge problem anymore. Of course, they are so sensitive about their looks, but, once so many kids their age “sport” their metal teeth, it’s less traumatic for them. Not to mention their treatment is shorter than mine, an adult, and the results show faster.

When they’re getting ready to have their hearts broken, their teeth are perfect. Having braces as an adult can take a toll on your social life since some people are not attracted by someone who’s got “something” on their teeth. I’d personally stay far from such people, but, hey, it’s love and love doesn’t choose.

Professionally, having braces can be not so good.

As akin, no one cares about my slight lisp or “metal smile”. As a professional, having braces wasn’t a pleasure. I was close to 30, working at a radio station. My treatment had to be tailored especially for me since I couldn’t afford to have a lisp. It would actually mean losing my job. Not to mention that, as a web designer with my own business, meeting with the clients and having braces, didn’t always go well. Some people are not educated and some were actually pretty disgusted. I know such clients are not gonna be the love of my life, but losing jobs because of my braces wouldn’t have been pretty. In the end, it’s all about the money.

Not solving the issues, won’t make them disappear.

The fact my folks couldn’t afford the orthodontic treatment or didn’t care, I was beautiful for them anyway, didn’t make the problem go away. In fact, my teeth were pretty bad because of all the crowding. Not having a healthy bite meant jaw pains from time to time and even getting my jaws “locked” a couple of times.

So, if your kid doesn’t have good teeth, don’t wait. Go see an orthodontist and start making changes as soon as possible. He/she’d grow with good healthy teeth, a beautiful smile and all the confidence that comes from this.